Poco F1 Pros and Cons | Full Review

Full review for the Xiaomi Pocofone F1 Smartphone

This Smartphone is sort of shaken up the smart phone industry because this one is having the Qualcomm’s flagship processor that is the snapdragon 845 and the base variant of this device is selling in India for just 21000rupees and obviously for the price of performance ratio it's a great device but yes there are quite a lot of cons also with this device so in this review I will divide it between the pros and cons so that you can decide if this is the right Smartphone for your needs or not but before that let me go over the quick specs of this Poco f1
Processor -             Snapdragon 845 SOC
RAM-                     6GB | 8 GB
Screen size -           6.2 inch IPS LCD screen
Storage -                64GB | 128GB | 256GB

So let's quickly jump between the pros and cons and let me give you my thoughts about this device then guys I tested this device mostly with my Jio and Airtel and I used it in Siliguri and even in Kolkata.
 So first let's talk about what are the things that actually liked about this device and we have to talk about the processor used on this Smartphone, snapdragon 845 at this price point is a game changer and also they didn't compromise on the RAM and storage the base variant comes with 6GB of RAM and 64gb of internal storage so even if you go with the base storage variant 21,000 you are getting a lot and I was actually very worried what are the cost-cutting I thought that the camera would be the downside of this device but I have to say that camera is also actually really good for the price point certainly one of the best cameras for the price point of 21000. 
  • Poco F1 Processor

The processor is the big thing about this Smartphone and now I'm going to another thing that I liked is that this one is having the highbred sim slot, so even if you go with the base variant that comes with about 64 GB of storage, you can put micro SD card slot and expand the storage and I feel the value of price point of this device is the base twenty one thousand rupees variant and also if you really require more storage you can go with the 128 GB of variant. The armoured Edition is priced a little bit higher if you have that pricing you have better smart phones like the Asus zenfone 5Z or the oneplus 6. So yeah, for the price point of 21000 for base variant, I feel that's the best price point
  • Poco F1 Screen

 Now moving to the screen, I thought again the screen might be a compromise it's having a 6.18 inch screen almost a 6.2 inch screen.
 The notch is pretty big but in terms of screen quality the screen quality is good. It's a high quality IPS great panel and the good thing is that many of these phones that are on a budget, compromise on the screen in terms of brightness and viewing angles, that's not the case with this one. The viewing angles are good and even in terms of brightness it's actually a very bright panel.
I believe it can go up to 400 nits. So even using it outdoors and direct sunlight with the brightness when you keep it on auto brightness even the dark sunlight it's easily visible so in terms of screen quality you don't have to worry.

 Now moving to other things .
 they also have added a IR blaster infrared on this one and the infrared actually helps for face unlocking even in pitch darkness even if there is no light. and fingerprint scanner is there and it works very well . Fingerprint scanners position, finger actually reaches there easily. it's in a proper position unlike many phones these days which are not giving the fingerprint scanner in the ideal location so in terms of face unlocking and fingerprints no issues.

  •  Poco F1 Call Quality

Now moving to cellular call quality as I mentioned I used it with Airtel and even Jio and I had no issues even when I was roaming.  No issues regarding network reception, call quality was clear.

  • Poco F1 Speakers

Now moving to the speakers, it's having dual speaker.
It's not a true dual speaker .

  • Poco F1 Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is given on this one fortunately.
 it runs on this custom UI. that is MIUI by default if you just plug in the headphone the sound output is really flat but again as it's MIUI. it has that headphones enhancement but and when I went into that and I tested with a couple of headphones for example these are the audio technica some JBL ear buds and when I change the profiles I could get some very good output so again in terms of headphone output also they have actually done a good job
  • Poco F1 Gaming

Moving to gaming, again it's a Snapdragon 845 SOC so yes it does play games fine.  I tried pubG. I'm not good at pubG but I played pubG and I also tried other games like asphalt extreme and even asphalt 8 and they ran fine but for some reason asphalt 9 was not available directly from the Play Store and I did some digging I think it's a bug with the developer because even on the Asus zenfone 5Z if you search it right now you're not able to get asphalt 9 . So in terms of gaming again it's having the snapdragon 845 SOC so no issues regarding gaming and they claim that that this phone actually has that vapor cooling for example the Samsung Galaxy note 9 . I didn't know continues gaming for 45 minutes or whatever but I did play asphalt for quite some time because I know how to play that game and even after about 25 minutes , yes the handset tends to get a little bit warm but it was not overheating and in my regular usage of this device I used it over one week with my primary sim. I never actually had issues of any overheating, so you don't have any overheating issues with this phone but yes the extended gaming above 20 minutes of the back will slightly you'll feel that it gets little bit warm.

  • Poco F1 has Vapor cooling technology

With that vapor cooling, I didn't have any issues due to that vapor cooling or whatever it was there, it works and the handset doesn't overheat.
Now another thing is that, in terms of daily use its running over MIUI. And they have changed the launcher, it's not the same launcher that you used to get with MIUI.  so the launcher is a custom launcher that they have given but underneath it's still MIUI. What I like with this new launcher is that new gesture mechanism that they have given and I feel it's a very good implementation you just hold it to get to the multitasking tray and it actually works very well again. if you don't want to use that you have the normal navigation those are the virtual buttons and in my daily usage I didn't have any issues of UI lag with this device.
  • Poco F1 RAM Management

Even in terms of RAM management I again I don't face any issues. All necessary apps were in memory so in terms of daily usage again no issue.
  • Poco F1 Battery and charging

Now moving into the battery life it has that four thousand milliamp battery and this is the highest battery life capacity that we are getting with the snapdragon 845 device and yes the galaxy note9 also has the four thousand milliamp battery but in terms of battery life I would say this is the best snapdragon 845 device that I have tested and easily it was last me over one and a half days with my typical usage. Even when I was completely on roaming and mobile data then also it lasted over one and a half days and in terms of screen on time I mean it depends upon your usage you can get anywhere between five to almost seven hours of screen on time with this device which is again very good for a snapdragon 845 SOC.
So in terms of battery life they have done a very good job and I really liked the fact that here I thought they would do the skimping but this device comes with a fast charger that's a Qualcomm quick charge three that's 18 watt charger if within the box so in terms of charging also it's fast again.
it won't be as fast as other devices because other devices with Snapdragon 845 has 3300 milliamp and 3400, so yeah to fully charge it'll take a little bit of time but again if you just want to charge it to about 50% it charges fairly quickly with the default fast charger that is supplied.
  • Poco F1 camera

Moving to the camera again I thought the camera might be a dud on this but pleasantly surprised that the camera performance is actually really good, it was actually doing a very good job, in fact it did surprise me in terms of camera performance and also I didn't find any laggyness or buggyness in the camera.
 Yes it does not have optical image stabilization so if you compare with more expensive devices for example even the Asus zenfone 5z or the One plus 6, those have optical image stabilization, they will do slightly better in artificial and low lighting condition but again for the price point I would say this was not a slouch and I was actually pleasantly surprised with the front-facing camera performance  and even with the front facing camera it has that bokeh effect and it actually works very well so in terms of camera performance I would say it does a very very good job.
Yes it does not have optical stabilization but even if we talk about video it does have electronic image stabilization so the video comes out very good so in terms of camera I would say I was extremely satisfied in fact I was surprised for the price point of 21,000 this one has the best camera in the market as of now so these were the good things about this device.

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